We provide a range of refurbishment, repair and re-coopering services.


ServicesPrice (ex-GST)
Stave replacement (first stave - labour)$90.0
Stave replacement (additional staves - labour)$30.0
Staves (material - each)$25.0
Hoop replacement$40.0
Headboard stave replacement (first stave - labour)$80.0
Headboard stave replacement (each additional stave - labour)$15.0
Headboard staves (material - each)$25.0
Full headboard replacement (refurbished)$200.0
Full headboard replacement (new oak)POA
Barrel sanding (per barrel)$75.0
Toast (light to medium)$25.0
Toast (heads)$10.0
Shave and toast (puncheon)$95.0
Shave and toast (barrique, hogshead)$90.0
Shave and toast (100l and less)$85.0



Services (charged per hour)Price (ex-GST)
Barrel leaksPer hour
Water damagePer hour
Tightening hoopsPer hour
Barrel cleaningPer hour
Barrel hydrationPer hour