We offer a range of premium quality oak and other wooden products.

Our selection of wine, fortified, spirit and beer barrels range in size from 50 litres to 500 litres.  Working with both French and American oak, we are able to tailor the level toast or char to your specifications. We also provide a selection of oak and merbau display barrels that are sanded, oiled or varnished, and finished with black hoops.


Cooperage Estate Product List

ProductPrice (ex-GST)
New American oak barrique
New French oak barrique
Large spittoon with cast aluminium funnel (lacquered, oak)$550.0
Full barrel (oiled, black hoops,)
Full barrel (lacquered, black hoops)
Merbau half barrel (lacquered, black hoops)
Half barrel (lacquered, black hoops)

Half barrel (oiled, black hoops)

Vertical half barrel (lacquered)

50 litre cask
100 litre cask
Refurbished barrique$330.0

*Prices exclude GST